Affordable Consulting

Affordable professional IT Services for the small business.


Nearly 40 years of IT Experience.

Based out of my home I've got nearly 40 years of IT Experience. With my needs met on my full-time job, I can afford to be much more reasonable when working with small business or proprietorship in providing basic IT needs.

I've got experience in everything from:

  • User Management
  • Windows and Linux Administration
  • Networking
  • Online setup, with SEO

Because I do this in my spare time, you own all of the accounts and content. I'm merely assisting you in being successful online. As your business grows, when it out grows my ability to assist, I'll help you transition the services to a larger provider, or in house IT.





Marietta, GA







Areas of Expertise


I've built and managed networks of all shapes and sizes. This will help me work with you to build and manage your networks securely and reliably.

This could include guest or employee WiFi access with different options for a portal or basic networking inside your small business.

Online setup with SEO

Bringing your business online for the first time is daunting. I can help you with everything from registering your domain to building your first site. I'll even help put your first advertising on the famous search engines.

User Management

In a world of online services, getting a business off the ground is both easier, and more complex than it ever has been. With options from GSuite to Office35, I can help you choose the right service to meet your needs.

Overall IT Security Strategy

I can help you develop in house IT policies and procedures that help you work securely in an increasingly dangerous IT world.

Windows and Linux Administration

Over the years I've administered thousands of servers. I've helped build infrastructure in both the Linux and Windows worlds. I can help you bring your services to bear in a world of cloud or co-location providers